Tea Tree Mulch Bucket Bag



Beautiful colour, aromatic, said to have a repellent effect on insects. This product has been used and approved by the Qld Forestry Dept. Tea tree mulch is a by-product of tea tree farming, from process of extracting tea tree oil from the Melaleuca plant, extreme heat process it goes through, kills potential pests and diseases. Favourite amongst gardeners to suitable for a number of applications ideal to place around delicate plants and has high visual appeal. It is light and able to break down quicker than traditional mulch, providing nourishment to your soil. Recommended application depth 100mm Health Warning: Mulches, Woodchips, Barks contain micro-organisms that may be harmful to your health. Always wear gloves, keep damp while in use, avoid inhaling the mix and wash your hands after use. Disclaimer: This is a natural product, and variations and inconsistencies in size, colour and shape will occur. Photographs are for illustration purposes and to be used as an indication only.